Custom Presets of Plugins (sharable?)

As plugins grow, this might be a cool option.

Users can create presets of setting of plugins (& themes?) that can be saved & shared.

Could these settings be written in a .md that can easily be shared and the plugin reads & adjusts your settings accordingly?

I could see this being a great way for users to share their methods & workflows and encourage experimentation.

Also could help attract/ease with on-boarding new users from particular backgrounds/purposes.

For instance, a setup for users who loved/use to Roam, users of the particular Zettelkasten method, screenwriter mode, etc.

Perhaps this could be paired with custom saved workspaces(notes displayed & panel layout), custom graph views, and conditional themes/views (themes/workspaces engaged on certain notes &/or under certain custom conditions).

We do already have a per-vault config (in .obsidian/config), and at the moment it looks like configurable plugins are getting their own .json files. So if you make a shareable template vault, you just have to make sure to include the .obsidian folder (minus the cache file) and you’re practically there already.