Custom Dictionary (Spellchecker Windows)

Since about 1.5 I cannot copy a Custom Dictionary.txt file to the Obsidian config folder that would not be deleted upon launching Obsidian.

  • A valid checksum line is attached to the last line as before, btw.

On Linux, this doesn’t seem to be a problem.

This would entail my complete ‘good word’ list to be reentered on Windows as well – not gonna happen.

I’d like to hear some constructive opinions from anyone standing tall or laying low.

Why can’t we have the Custom Dictiorary.txt in the .obsidian folder to sync between platforms. Etc.

Using a variation of the python script shared here (my variant writes back to the Windows partition as well which only works on a dual-boot machine if you have Windows properly turned off), launching the script on Linux, I have managed to make it stick for when I hopped back to Windows, for some reason.