Custom dictionary should suggest user-added words

I’ve noticed that when you add a word to the dictionary via the right click option, it does “learn” the word, but will not suggest that word to you when you misspell it.

For example, I use the word commensurability, which, understandably, the default dictionary doesn’t know. Surprisingly, it does know commensurable, so it suggests that. I add the first word to the dictionary.
However, if I then misspell it, e.g. as commensurabilit (to test it out, I just left off the “y” so the dictionary wouldn’t have to “try” very hard to get to the word I just added) but it still only suggests commensurable, not commensurability.

I’d therefore like to request this to be adapted, so that the custom dictionary gets taken into account when suggesting misspelled words, since if you’re writing in a specific context, sometimes words come up that the original dictionary won’t know, but may come up more often, so it’d come in handy to have Obsidian actually use the words you add, otherwise the custom dictionary loses a little purpose, I think.