Custom Default Vault Settings

Obsidian having custom settings per vault is a great feature allowing for flexibility. However, it also means that every time I create a new vault I have to go through & manually set all my settings back to the way I prefer. I imagine most people will have their own custom default that they’d prefer to start new vaults with other than the “factory” default that Obsidian ships with.

It would be great if there was a “Make Current Settings Default” option that could be triggered. All new vaults created thereafter would use the settings that were enabled when it was triggered.

Also to aid in troubleshooting it would probably make sense to also include a “Restore Factory Default” settings ability.

I suppose another option would be for all new vaults to use the current vault’s settings. Most people will likely only make small changes from their preferred settings for any new vaults. It’s easier to remember what you want to change from where you already are, than it is to to get to where you want from an unfamiliar state.


The way I have been dealing with this is copying the .obsidian folder and obsidian.css in to my new vault.

Or you could duplicate the entire vault, change the name and then remove all notes inside.

Not idea, but it works well for me


seconding this request!

this default settings may contains:
plugins, themes, configs.

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I would also find this very useful.

Copying the contents of the .obsidian folder worked for me. Good one!

It’d be good if a $HOME/.obsidian/ were replicated in each new vault…

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This would be tremendously useful. It would allow for using the “Open folder as vault” option to effectively open a temporary vault to work within a given thought context.

For me, this would effectively solve the problem I outlined at Context Overwhelm, Concentric Vaults, and Sensemaking - Thinking On Thinking In Notes - #2 by realactualprice.

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