Custom context menus that open with a custom keyword

Main function: A custom context menu that pops up when I type a specfic word.

  1. The menu may be activated with any trigger phrase or simply with the word or maybe through a hotkey, whatever, but the associated menu with the keyword is displayed. Suppose the trigger phrase is (;). I type ;keyword1, I get a context menu (word1, word2, word3). I type ;keyword2, I get a context menu with some other words. I want a plugin where I get to add the keyword and set the words manually.

  2. This function is similar to the tasks plugin autosuggest (except that menu is always open with no trigger phrase, and it’s just one menu, as obviously it’s only specifically for the tasks plugin.) but I want many such menus. The tasks plugin autosuggest can be built from this plugin, I’d choose a keyword (let’s say task) with words in it such as due, start, schedued date, priority. (note - this isn’t exactly the same as the tasks plugin auto-suggest because the tasks plugin auto-suggest has got some additional functionality, like a menu within another menu (on entering the due date, the menu changes to dates), stuff from the menu gets deleted as you enter all the details, and there’s no trigger phrase, so that menu is just open when you are typing the task.)

  3. Example ;color opens up the following menu. (;shape may open a list of shapes, and you can have many such menus)

You could achieve something like that with a text expander.