Custom behaviour when clicking folder in file explorer


Is there any way to customize the open behavior of folder items from file explorer to open only when clicking the arrow in front of them instead of the name? Something similar to the way Notion implements this.

I didn’t find a setting for this, so I thought it might help to ask before creating a feature request post.


I don’t know of one, except if you use a folder notes plugin, have folder notes in all of your folders, and set the plugin to open the note when you click the folder.

I’m using the folder notes plugin and after looking in the code, there is no option of choosing to open the page when clicking the text or when clicking the arrow. So I guess this is an API limitation.

This plugin GitHub - aidenlx/alx-folder-note: Add description, summary, and more info to folders with folder notes. does it: open folder note from folder · aidenlx/alx-folder-note Wiki · GitHub

It’s not actually an option, sorry, I misremembered — that’s just how it works. When you enable the plugin, it changes the behavior. There is an option to also expand the folder when clicking it.

There is no option to open a page when clicking the arrow becaus it’s purpose is to expand or collapses the folder.

Oh, I used the Folder Node plugin by xpgo. Thank you, the plugin by AidenLx fixed my problem.

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Sorry, I should have specified. I knew there was more than 1 folder note plugin but thought they all had the feature.

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