Cursor moves position when ticking off an indented checkbox

What I’m trying to do

I use Obsidian mainly for reminder lists for various tasks/events I do. I have a lot of indented checkboxes (which I amend as I go) that I have to tick off in order to complete a task or event. I’m using the Minimal Theme and Live Preview.

Say I amend a checkbox item near the bottom of the page. I then go to tick off a checkbox near the top of the page. The note suddenly scrolls back to the checkbox item I was editing.
This only started happening a few weeks ago so I assume that it is something that has been updated.

Things I have tried

I have updated (again) the theme and plugins but it still does it. My only option is to remember to put the cursor on the line I’m just about to tick off before I do it but sometimes I forget and it jumps back to a previous edit.

Am I the only one? Any one have any ideas as it’s very frustrating…


I can’t say if you’re the only one, but I can confirm I don’t have that problem, so there is hope!

If you go to the default theme (temporarily to test) does it still happen?

If yes, if you have any custom CSS snippets, try disabling them (temporarily to test). Does it still happen?

If yes, it might be a plugin. I’d try downloading and reinstalling Obsidian if you are on an older installer version. What Obsidian installer are you on? And try updating all community plugins. (You said you already did this! :pray:)

If you find the cause and report back, someone can likely help find a solution or workaround maybe with CSS. Or if there is a glitch in a theme or plugin, it can be reported to the developer and potentially fixed.

Thanks for your reply - although I’ve only just realised you did - is there a notification switch somewhere?

I think I’ve described the problem the wrong way round!

Make a checkbox then below that make several indented checkboxes.
Then make another checkbox at the same level as the first
Put your cursor on any line of the indented checkboxes and collapse them
Tick off the last checkbox - they all open up again!

I’ve reverted to the original theme, I have no CSS Snippets and have disabled all my plugins.

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It sounds like this report:

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That is exactly that but described far better than I did!

Thank you so much.

I assume this is an official bug then?


Yes, this issue that I reported is a bug. A member of the Obsidian team said it would be fixed in v1.5.13. Unfortunately there’s no official release date, so we just have to wait.

Like you, I often forget to click out of the folder list before clicking another checkbox. My current workaround is to use the keyboard to go down the list and use the keyboard shortcut for toggling check boxes. For me it’s Ctrl + L, but I may have set that manually. You can check in Settings → Keyboard Shortcuts.

The advantage of doing it that way is that Obsidian doesn’t react like it does when you use the mouse. You can use the keyboard shortcut anywhere on a line and it will still toggle the check box. In fact, if you use it on a line where there is not a check box, Obsidian will insert one for you.

Also, there is an option to add a hot key for folding indents. I use Alt + F but it, like all hot keys in Obsidian, can be customised. The hot key works anywhere inside an indent — whether it’s text, a list or check boxes, etc. You can get quite fast using just these two alone.

Good luck!