Ctrl-Z - should also undo close pane

Use case or problem

I accidentally closed my carefully arranged panes. I want them back!

Proposed solution

Add closing of panes to the Command-Z undo stack


But it’s counter intuitive - it doesn’t work that way anywhere else

Related features / requests:

Here is request for more common method to be voted for:

Then the hotkey could be customized and customized to your needs by some plugin.

Another thing that might help is to backup your workspace sometimes by:
Obsidian → Settings → Core plugins → Workspaces
Then in command palette, type “workspace”.

Plugin “Workspaces” is documented in Workspaces

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Just a note to this topic too: Obsidian 0.12.16 now has this feature: the default hotkey is Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + T. The command can be found from the command palette by name Undo close pane.