Ctrl/Command + Left Mouse expands tag search

Use case or problem

Searching for tags can be done by left clicking on a tag anywhere in the note, which runs a query with the tag.

It is a missed oppurtunity to drill down a search by not expanding on this tag selection, for example, I click on #recipe for all my recipes, but want one with #zuccini. If I click on #zuccini my other query gets overwritten.

Proposed solution

Suggesion: Ctrl/Command + Left mouse adds the tag to the search effectively making this an AND query where the sidebar only shows results of both tag:#recipe tag:#zuccini.

It sounds like a very simple fix, just append to the search instead of overwriting it

Current workaround (optional)

  • None.

I have to manually enter a query, while navigating or drilling down on tag by tag basis with a click-through system would save a lot of time for people who search for a note containing both tags.

Related feature requests (optional)

Evernote has this where suggested tags to click are suggested to click on based on the tags present in all notes in the search results. Ultimately this would require a revamp of how search works but ideally only tags should be shown in the current search context that are actually in the notes that are in the search result set (or ALL if there was no result set). This will also remove invalid searches where people search for an AND query with two tags that are in no notes in the vault.

So, for a long term solution, take a gander at Evernote’s drill down search.

  1. Person adds a phrase
  2. Obisidian populates metadata to click on such as tags that are in the search results, created date range, file name(s)
  3. Person uses the suggested metadata to drill down the search.

Did you search the forum? I’m not sure if any requests exactly match this one, but I think there’s at least one on the basic idea of adding tags to a search.