Ctrl/Cmd drag while dropping node on canvas to resize

Use case or problem

When you want to be able to place a canvas node without having to resize it after the fact. This technically can also apply to cases where you plan to fit the size to the content, but the double click of the bottom edge is so quick and almost always works on the first attempt. So, this request would apply most to larger notes notes that you want to define both width and height for.

Proposed solution

When dragging a node to the canvas, let holding ctrl/cmd allow for the definition of node size by letting the position of the cursor as ctrl/cmd is pressed be the top left corner of the node; and let the position of the cursor when ctrl/cmd is released be the lower right corner of the node. Perhaps it would require one more click of mouse to confirm the placement. This way ctrl/cmd dragging could be repeated if the first attempt wasn’t successful. On the other hand I would be fine with it just committing the node immediately as ctrl/cmd was released.

Current workaround (optional)

The new v1.1.5 canvas functionality:

Ctrl/Cmd + Drag now shows a menu to quickly add a card or create a group where your selection is.”

For me this immediately adds a group based on the selection. Either I’m doing something wrong or it’s a bug that will be fixed soon I’m sure. But regardless, I still think that the new request I make here adds flexibility and ease of use over the ctrl/cmd drag from the v1.1.5 release in that it could be paired with the feature request referenced below to provide the ability to both place and resize a node while previewing its contents, which would be very useful.

Related feature requests (optional)

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