Ctrl/cmd+click on tags with underscores in edit mode returns substrings of the tag

Steps to reproduce

Enter a tag with an under score #two_words

Expected result

I expect the tag to work like any other tag

Actual result

The first word is considered a part of the tag but the second is ignored.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.7
  • Using custom CSS: No

Additional information

Maybe I’m wrong and there is a different convention to multi worded tags, and if so I’m sorry.

Thank you very much, and thanks for you work, I love the app.


This is still unresolved.
Ctrl + clicking on a tag in edit mode searches a weird substring of the tag, depending on which part of the word you click on (I have tags starting with _, but _ in between words is also buggy).
General search works, and the link pane and preview mode both paste the right search terms.

that’s weird, it works correctly for me, on 0.9.11 linux

edit: nevermind I was wrong. @NomarCub was right, in edit mode, ctrl-clicking on a tag with an underscor searches only a part of the tag.

Thanks for checking—I never thought to look. Indeed, it works fine for me, too:
Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 2.43.14 PM

Ah. I see. Specifically cmd/ctrl+clicking underscore-based tags in Edit mode fails. The following screenshot is what’s produced when I do so on the some_new_ part of the tag:

Moving these last four posts to a bug report.


I found more oddities.
Auto-complete suggestions also don’t work with tags containing _.

The formatting in edit mode is weird, applying bold and italic randomly with more _s.

I feel like these are general problems with tags with underscores. Can we rename this thread? I understand seperating it from the thread with fixed things, but I’d rather not make separate reports for seemingly related things.

I can’t reproduce anymore in 0.10.6.

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I’m glad the navigation is fixed.
The visual bug in my last post (with the bold and italic formatting) is still present.

the visual bug is another bug which has already been reported.

If I have a tag that uses underscore (_) then when hitting that key all tags suggestions disappear. This doesn’t happen with a hyphen (-). Obsidian v. 0.10.6

I don’t understand.

For example, suppose that I have a couple of tags: #A-simple-example-1, #A-simple-example-2, … when I start tipping the tag “#A-”, a list of all the tags that match this text will appear. If instead of the hyphens I had an underscore: #A_simple_example_1, #A_simple_example_2, … and I started tipping “#A_”, the suggestions wouldn’t appear. You can try it yourself

open a bug report specific for that

Hopefully, this GIF explains it more clearly. I will do as you say.

I understand you problem. Open a new bug report for your problem don’t continue on this one.

Where can I track what happened to this visual bug? It’s still present now.

Looks like:

Add to that report with details about what you’re observing, please!

What I’m experiencing is this, as shown a couple posts prior. Weird changing bold and italic look in edit mode on tags with underscores.


The post you linked doesn’t seem to be about this. Should I post it there anyway?