Ctrl+clicking to open link in edit mode often requires multiple clicks

Steps to reproduce

In edit mode, click to place cursor anywhere not in a link. Then hold Ctrl and click inside any part of an internal or external link.

Expected result

Link should open on first Ctrl+click attempt.

Actual result

Most times, the first Ctrl+click fails (i.e. the cursor moves but the link doesn’ open), while a second Ctrl+click (either on the same link or on a different link) succeeds.

Sometimes it succeeds on the first attempt, and sometimes it succeeds only on the third attempt.

It seems to fail more often on [[internal links]] and less often on [external links](http://address.com) or http://address.com . (Ctrl+clicking within the square brackets of an external link has no effect, apparently by design.)

The erratic behavior described happens in both my personal vault and in the uncustomized Obsidian Help vault.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home (Build 18362)
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.6

Additional information

Clicking on links in preview mode works as expected.


Also happens in Obsidian 0.8.0 on macOS 10.15.3.

I can’t repro, it succeeds on the first attempt for you.

You’re not clicking on the brackets right? I noticed that doesn’t work. Clicking on the edge of the link (i.e. before the first character in the link) also works. Testing on 0.8.0.

Sounds annoying, would love to figure out reliable repro steps in order to fix it.

This happens to me as well.
Windows 10
Obsidian v0.8.0 - No custom CSS

The cursor needs to already be inside the brackets for it to work.
I’ve tried placing it (inside the brackets) through Ctrl+Click, just a Click and even with the arrow keys, and after I move the cursor by any of these means if I then Ctrl+Click it works.

Note: All clicks I do in the GIF are Ctrl+Click and I only change the location of where I click in the link so that it’s easy to see that I’m clicking twice, clicking on the same spot works the same way.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


also happening with me since version 0.6.0. windows 10 64bits. obsidian 0.8.0. no css

Over here, like the gif above, the first ⌘click just brings the cursor to where the link is, the second ⌘click opens the link.

Also happening on Ubuntu 20.04, Obsidian 0.8.0 (no custom css).

Additional information
Clicking on links in preview mode works as expected.

Not for me? I can Ctrl-click a link like [link](file://path\to\file.txt) in Edit mode, but in Preview mode I cannot click this.

@alan it’s [link](file:///path/to/file.txt)

I think this bug has been fixed. Let me know any of you still has this problem

In Windows backslashes work. This is important because every program gives you paths with backslashes.

EDIT: the backslashes work in edit mode but not preview mode. Full forward slashes work in preview mode and edit mode.

I still have this problem (v0.13.33, Fedora, no custom CSS).