CTRL + b to move one character back in the editor


Given that all other cursor hotkeys (found in most code editors and text boxes in browsers) are working as expected (e.g. CTRL+f, CTRL+a, CTRL+e…), I feel this was just missed in the implementation.

Steps to reproduce

CTRL + b

Expected result

Cursor in the editor moves one character back

Actual result



  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.6
  • Using custom CSS: No

The emacs-keystroke bindings in Mac systems are due to the history of the NSText components coming from NeXT where those were bound to emacs keys. So it’s a historical nice legacy but not an industry standard.

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Yes agreed that it’s not an industry standard, but it feels out of place to just have that one binding not working in Obsidian.

I have a fix for the upcoming version but sadly Ctrl-B actually does bold instead of what you described.

It adds **|** around your cursor, or toggles **around a selection**.

Ctrl+B doesn’t move the cursor for me on Chrome Windows… which browser & OS are you referring to?

@Silver as @ksandvik replied, the key bindings are present in MacOS, not in Windows.

@Licat in MacOS it should be cmd+b for bold correct? I’m referring to ctrl+b on MacOS.

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control-b, similar to control-a (beginning of line) and control-e (end of line).
Bold is usually command-b.

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I can confirm that this is fixed now in 0.6.4! Thank you :smiley:

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Thanks! Moving to graveyard.