Ctrl+A (Cmd+A) in preview also selects the title (or even the content) of the other notes

Seems like it’s not 100% working as expected, will look into whether we can make it better. Right now Ctrl+A only works when you only have the preview pane open, and it selects the editable title too.


Note that this isn’t a benign bug.

Because it selects the title across a frame boundary, Cmd-A+Cmd-C still doesn’t work on the Preview pane to copy the previewed note. The extra selection may have been tweaked but the actual effect of the bug (no ability to copy) is still untouched.

Copy/pasting preview-rendered HTML into Google Docs with a subsequent “Clear Format” is by far the easiest way to convert a markdown document to Google Apps without third-party tooling (most of which has corporate security implications). This is pretty important for interchange with people who don’t use Markdown.

This is screwing me up more than a little in that I’m currently having to micromanage the selection with a cursor swipe to give my notes to colleagues.

It’d be really nice if this were fixed. It’s essentially breaking your export function, whether that’s what preview was intended to be or not.

I discovered a workaround though.

Hit Cmd-A. Shift-click anywhere in the title text field and the entire field de-selects. Then you can Cmd-C.

I guess if worse comes to worse and it can’t be fixed otherwise, as a hack, internally route a shift-click event to the title field after processing a Cmd-A? :man_shrugging:

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Connected to Ctrl+A Ctrl+C (Cmd+A Cmd+C) does not copy text in preview