Cssclasses currently not documented in help


In Home - Obsidian Help, there is no reference to the new cssclasses that update the former cssclass. It’s hard for user to figure out how it works.

I am no sure I understand what you are rereferring to!??

Yes, there is, here: Properties - Obsidian Help

Yes but it doesn’t explain much how to use it in conjunction with css snippet. Even I do know after having found out an example outside the official obsidian help.

I don’t understand what is missing exactly.

What would you write that is not there?

An example of how to use cssclasses in conjunction with css snippet.

The developer docs (separate but linked there) contain info about css, snippets, themes and plugin development.
I guess an example would go there. You can open an issue or contribute a PR here


I think the non-developer docs should at least explicitly say that the property lets you add a CSS class to the note, which lots you target snippets to any note with that class. To avoid getting into the weeds it could perhaps link to an external resource that explains what classes are, since many users won’t know.

A brief explanation and example could appear on the non-developer CSS snippets page. That page specifically describes snippets as intended for people who don’t want to build a whole theme, and that phrase links to the dev docs, which say nothing about snippets. That suggests to me that the dev docs isn’t the correct place to document the cssclasses property.