cssClasses "Cards" not working in update?

I’m on Windows using the latest update of Obsidian with the Minimal theme. I have a page that displays all my movie notes, and I use cssclasses in my frontmatter to format it into a grid:

  - cards
  - cards-cover
  - cards-2-3
  - table-max
  - cards-cols-5

I hadn’t opened the page in a bit, but did today and it’s just showing empty collapsed boxes in the place of each movie. If I click on a box, it does open a note to a movie.

I found that by removing the “cards” value from cssclasses the content then displayed, but of course not in the way that I want. Did the latest Obsidian update break this, or did I somehow break it in a different way?

If you update Minimal to the latest version, it should be sorted out.

Dohh, I made a point to check that all my plugins were updated but failed to realize theme updates were a separate thing. I just found that and updated and sure enough it works again. Thanks!

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