CSS to make rollover/hover link preview window bigger not working_Minimal Theme

I tried a CSS snippet to make the rollover link preview window in the minimal theme bigger (it’s too small to read), but nothing happens when the snippet turned on.

Could it be that some Minimal theme setting or Style setting plugin is blocking it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Here is the code I used (and variations on it with px, %, etc.)

.popover.hover-popover {

The popover has three classes on it: popover, hover-popover, and is-loaded. You could try adding is-loaded to your list to help with specificity.

Additionally, the popover’s styles seem to at least partially be inline, at least for the position of the popover, so there could be interference from there. Test adding !important to the end of lines.

Looking at the source CSS for popovers, it appears that width is defined, and height is left undefined for the default value of auto. Try specifying a width to override the defined value, and set a min-height if you’d like to ensure a certain size, though you may not need it.

Your new code could look something like this:

.popover.hover-popover.is-loaded {
  width: 50vw !important;

If you’re still unable to make this work, try opening an issue on the Minimal GitHub: obsidian-minimal on GitHub.

Hope this helps.

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