CSS support for "missing pages"

When I’m brainstorming a lot of content, I really like to be able to enter [[some new link]] while in the middle of a thought without stopping to create the new page. It’d be really convenient if I could style links to non-existing pages to be different, like they appear in MediaWiki and DokuWiki. That would allow me to quickly see what I need to write up or explore at a glance, rather than needing to mouse over each one to see if it exists.

I looked into the CSS, and it doesn’t seem like there’s an equivalent to the CSS class “new” in MediaWiki, so I can’t write custom CSS to select and style it. And yet, it shouldn’t be terribly hard, because Obsidian already knows when links are pointed an existing or a non-existent page.

I don’t think the default stylesheets need to actually style missing links themselves, but having the option to do so in my override CSS would be great.


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