CSS Snippet Store


Someone suggested this idea awhile back and I think it would be an excellent feature to allow users to further customize Obsidian. The idea is simply to allow users to browse and install individual CSS snippets, as opposed to entire themes.

This would take away a lot of the time consuming work of modifying a themes CSS. There is already a CSS Snippet meta thread, but being able to browse these snippets from Obsidian would be much more organized and I think encourage even further development from the community.


This is the “snippet store” I go to right now which might be useful

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Thanks for providing that. I think having the ability to browse and “Preview/Use” would be much more user friendly and accessible as an alternative.


Bumping this topic. I think this is very useful

I’ve shared a few table snippets here

Custom CSS for tables - 5 New styles, ready to use in your notes

Agree 100%. The forums, GitHub, or Discord just don’t cut it because they were not made for this.

We need something similar to the Community Themes browser.

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