CSS selector to target only journal pages? (Different style for journal pages)

I keep my journal pages in a “/journals/” folder, and my other pages are in a “/pages/” folder. Is there a class that gets injected that would allow me to target only the pages inside that Journals folder? I have an idea for how my journal pages will look slightly different than my other pages.

Specifically, my journal pages have traditionally all been in an outline format because I came over from Logseq. As the day goes on, I add a new bullet followed by the current time and then write the note in a sub bullet. I am thinking that now in Obsidian, I could write the time next to an h1 element like # 13:14, and then the times on each journal page would nicely show up on the page’s outline in my right sidebar, which would be nice to see at a glance how many timestamped notes I took in that day. The issue with this is that the CSS size of those h1 elements is normally huge, and I would just like to shrink it down to be small, but only have this be the style on journals.

Any thoughts? Ideas? I looked around at the HTML in dev tools but didn’t immediately see a class that injected the folder name into the HTML.

Moved to help.

You could try:

to add specific styling to those notes in your journal folder.


Amazing! Thank you! I’ll try.

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