CSS selector for page names in edit mode

Use case or problem

Coming from Roam, I used tags to refer parts of my documents and also to make them searchable. For instance, my daily note would have tag-“categories” such as #Log, #TODO etc.
In Roam and in Obsidian I am able to create custom styles for these tags. My #TODO has a red background, my #Log a orange background etc.
Moving to Obsidian, I would also like to leave the tag system and replace them with [[pages]]. However, I can’t create custom styles for page names since there is no selector for custom page names. I can do the same thing for tags, though:

span.cm-tag-Log {
  background: #03A9F4;
span.cm-tag-TODO {
  background-color: #E91E63;

Proposed solution

Please create a similar selector as the one that we already have for tags so I can also style page names.

I think it should be possible, see: Make #tags also [[pages]]

I’ll move this to #help in the meantime

Thanks. In the linked post, the author is working with CSS attributes. This helps to format links to other pages in preview mode, since we can refer to the href-attribute which holds the name of the linked pages.
However, this is not available in edit mode. I’d suggest adding a simple href-attribute here as well. This way, we could style our page links in preview and edit mode alike.

I’ve edited your title. I’m not sure this is possible, it might have some of the same challenges as Styling for internal link without file (After 0.9.4 in edit mode).