CSS removing / moving elements

Hello guys, can somebody help?

  1. How to remove rightsidebar? but still retain the collapse button?
    it is really a waste of space.

  2. How to center the text in the middle of the status bar (words, backlinks, character)
    (same like new MacOS finder)

  1. I guess this works:
.workspace-ribbon.mod-right.is-collapsed {border-left-color: transparent; background-color: transparent}
.workspace-split.mod-right-split[style="width: 0px;"] {margin-right: 0;}

This one shows the right sidebar only when hovering over:

.workspace-ribbon.mod-right.is-collapsed:not(:hover) .workspace-ribbon-collapse-btn {display:none;}
.workspace-ribbon.mod-right.is-collapsed:not(:hover) {width: 0;}
.workspace-split.mod-right-split[style="width: 0px;"] {margin-right: 0;}
  1. .status-bar {justify-content: center}

Very good! Thank you very much.
Im getting closer and closer what I want to archive.