Css help for list indents in live preview-- to show like reading

Things I have tried

We strongly recommend searching in the help docs (F1 in the app or online at https://help.obsidian.md) or this forum (Search results for '' - Obsidian Forum) before you post. It’s always sweet to find answers so you don’t have to spend time writing up the post!

i looked all over this fourm and reddit to find a soulition. but i can not find it. maybe Incorrect wording??
maybe its because im writing rtl??

What I’m trying to do

i would really appritiate the help

Does this happen in the sandbox vault (found in the help menu)?

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dose anyone have an idea?? ]:

I’m guessing it’s a bug and that it might be because you’re using RTL, but I don’t know. If you don’t get any answers you could try filing a bug report.

If you want to try searching some more, another relevant term beside “indentation” is “wrap”. I didn’t see anything, but I didn’t look for very long.

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