CSS and plug-in compatibility issues

What I’m trying to do

Hi. I’m having a problem with CSS and certain plugins not working together, so I’m writing here.

The CSS I used is the CSS that removes the header of the table, and the code is as follows.
→ table thead th:empty{display:none!important;:

And the plug-in that doesn’t apply with CSS is “sheet extended(GitHub - NicoNekoru/obsidan-advanced-table-xt: Plugin that adds features to tables in obsidian including merging, vertical headers, and custom css)”.

If I apply CSS with the plug-in running, it’s a situation where CSS doesn’t apply, and if I turn off the plug-in and apply CSS, it’s a situation where CSS applies. Is this very common?
I want to apply both, but I have no idea what to do.

Things I have tried

All I’ve done is try putting the above CSS in the style CSS in the plug-in. Is there anything I can do?

Hopefully someone can look into it or knows what is going on here, but you can post issues, questions, feature requests, etc. on their GitHub issues page as well.

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