Crowdfunding a new obsidian plugin

Are there any options / suggestions for crowdfunding a new obsidian plugin ?

I don’t have any programming knowledge but have an idea for a plugin that I think many people would be interested in. Just not sure where to start or how to go about this.

You can ping the dev for hire role in our discord. That’s not for crowdfunding though, it means that you are willing to pay.

Thank you for the info.

If I pay for a plugin to be developed and make it available to the community, is it allowed for me to accept donations to offset my expense and help with further development ?

(Similar to the way I see devs who have created community plugins and are accepting payments to support their efforts.)

You can also just publish your ideas here, and maybe someone will do it! I sometimes come look at here for new ideas

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You can always put up a donation link whether you made it yourself or you paid someone to make it! We don’t have any rules on donation.

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