Cross-references in the same note or markdown-formatted links work in obsidian but not in the produced PDF

Hi I’m creating cross-references to other sections within the note in the following format

[[NoteName#cross-reference | cross-reference]]

This works well in obsidian (I click it in Preview, and takes me to the section), but does not work in the exported PDF (the cross-reference is blue and underlined, but the cursor does not turn into a hand, and clicking on them does nothing). Shouldn’t cross-references work in the PDF too?

Website links work well in both obsidian and the PDF (cursor turns into a hand, and clicking on them opens the link in my browser).

Obsidian 0.12.15 (flatpak) Manjaro Linux

EDIT: I just noticed that hyperlinks in the following format [google]( ALSO don’t work in the PDF.

E.g. In the following note

# introduction
bla bla bla

# section
Check the [[Untitled#introduction | introduction]] section

visit [google](

All three links are clickable in Obsidian preview mode, but only is clickable in the PDF

Please, open a feature request.

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