Cross-references do not work

Cross-references do not work in the following code. Why? In other md programs it works.


- [1. Regulární Výrazy](#1)
  - [1.1 Úvod](#1-1)
    - [1.1.1 Co jsou regulární výrazy a proč jsou důležité?](#1-1-1)
    - [1.1.2 Malá ilustrace: Hádanka se slovy](#1-1-2)

# 1. Regulární Výrazy <a name="1"></a>

## 1.1 Úvod <a name="1-1"></a>
### 1.1.1 Co jsou regulární výrazy a proč jsou důležité? <a name="1-1-1"></a>
### 1.1.2 Malá ilustrace: Hádanka se slovy <a name="1-1-2"></a>


Perhaps you’re looking for linking to headings and blocks?

No, I have hundreds of documents in Common Mark format and would like to use them in Obsidian. According to the documentation Obsidian is based on the Common Mark format, which it extends. Markdown Syntax - Obsidian Hub - Obsidian Publish

I haven’t seen “cross-references” or the

- [1. Regulární Výrazy](#1)
  - [1.1 Úvod](#1-1)

syntax mentioned on the CommonMark Spec site. Can you direct us to where in CommonMark supports that? I’m curious.

Here you can try how it works, an example with the CommonMark Strict option set. Obsidian seems to have a problem with documents that are CommonMark strict and don’t use any extensions.

CommonMark Strict Test

The question now is whether this will be recognized as a bug, or whether Obsidian’s design is so badly flawed that it’s unfixable and will be marked as a feature. This is the second major incompatibility with Common Format that I’ve come across that makes it impossible to use Obsidian with CommonMark documents. The other serious bug is the failure to support IMG elements with relative path, which Obsidian users have been moaning about for over two years.
These bugs affect a large portion of CommonMark documents because they are commonly used elements in CommonMark documents. In which case Obsidian is unusable by a couple of users of CommonMark documents. So if these errors are considered to be a feature of Obsidian, Obsidian should not claim CommonMark at all and abuse its brand to promote itself.

As for the CommonMark Spec , there are links specified in ch. 6.2, for example as


The URI itself is specified in the RFC3986 standard, and cross-references are specified in Section 4.4 Same-Document Reference.

My guess is that Obsidian ignores HTML when building its index of links.

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