Critic markup

Use case or problem

Since I use obsidian equally for making notes as well as reading them and intend to use mobile app just as a reading and learning tool, it would be great to have more options in including critic markup mode(apart from the highlight syntax)

Proposed solution

I use Ulysses to draft my essays to publish them on the blog and I really enjoy their version of markdown (markdownXL?) which have options such as

||delete|| ::highlight:: {Annotation} and ++comment++ and %% for comment block

Even the {{foobar}} syntax of roam blocks or iawriter TOC is unused right?

This small change will absolutely be immensely helpful!


%% can be used as comments in Obsidian as well

Due to its flexibility, Obsidian already suffers from the fact that too many new “language elements” are introduced without thinking too much about the side effects. This makes it increasingly less compatible, and we start to build a locked-in platform—again.

I still think “critic markup” might find its use cases, but there is already a version out there, so why not adopt its syntax? And maybe make it a plugin (be it core or community), so users can make their own informed choice?

In short, Critic Markup uses this basic syntax:

  • Addition {++ ++}
  • Deletion {-- --}
  • Substitution {~~ ~> ~~}
  • Comment {>> <<}
  • Highlight {== ==}{>> <<}

which should be enough to successfully copy edit text.



This! I‘ve also argued for CriticMarkup here:


Yep, read that. Totally agree. Critic Markup support would be nice for us writers! (Maybe even with an “Accept/Reject” feature? From the toolkit they offer, it should be easily adaptable, I think …)


+1 bump-ski! Plez

Any updates?