Creative Writing Workflow

Hey all, I started using Obsidian a few days ago for creative writing and came up with what I thought was an interesting workflow and just wanted to share it in case it helped anyone. One issue that frequently arises when writing is the constant formation of questions that must be answered. “What does this crystal look like? How big is this continent?”

Questions destroy your creative flow state frequently, so in order to not halt the creative process, I created the following workflow(This requires the Obsidian to anki plugin):

1)Create a new note about whatever topic.
2)The moment you have a question that eventually needs to be answered, in a section at the bottom of your note, write out your question using the “Question Answer” regular expression style. This will make it so you can have all of your unanswered creative questions get automatically added to one anki deck. You can then review this deck at your leisure to see if you have thought of a solution to your creative problem.

An example note:

Vidinium - A magic crytstal

A rare magic crystal…

Creative Questions To Answer(Anki)


Q: What does vidinium look like?
A: ???

With this setup, I can keep writing things that I know about vidinium, but any unknowns(like what it looks like) I can just add a question and generate an anki card. I re-visit this deck every so often when I’m in a different creative head space and very frequently I come up with an answer.

To do the anki Question/Answer style above you have to add a regular expression(Question answer style · Pseudonium/Obsidian_to_Anki Wiki · GitHub)

That is all. Hopefully this helps someone. I thought it was a cool workflow for creative problem solving that keeps you from dwelling on unanswered creative questions.


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