Creating robust links for external URLs — are parameratized includes possible in the Markdown render engine?

I’m new to Obsidian; I got here by way of @MacSparky’s recent interview with Stephen Hackett on Mac Power Users. I’m definitely seeing the power of this approach, and I’m already thinking pretty far down the line in my workflows.

Anyone who has been on the web for any period of time knows about link rot (404-not-found errors) and content drift (the contents of a web page change over time). As I add external links to my Obsidian knowledgebase, I want to know what a page looked like when I first created the reference. I handle this now by using and its archiving service. What I’d like to do is use the Robust Links tool to automatically create snapshots of pages in public web archives and bring references to that data back into my note. [^1] I can get pretty far down the line to figuring this out…I can use Templater to call a CLI that calls the Robust Links API that automatically saves the page and then returns to Obsidian on <stdout> what looks like a Jekyll insert:

{% include robustlink href="" 
    title="Obsidian homepage" 
    text="the homepage for the Obsidian project"
    data-versiondate="2021-04-15" %}

…then have the Markdown engine render that include in the Preview view:

<a href="" 
    title="Obsidian homepage">the homepage for the Obsidian project</a>

…which would in turn look something like this:

So I think my question is: is there a Jekyll-like include capability in Obsidian’s Markdown render engine?

[^1]: For more details about Robust Links, see Robustifying Links To Combat Reference Rot in the Code4Lib Journal.

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