Creating Notes from Online Courses

I’ve been reading up on taking smart notes and have just started to attempt to use Obsidian in my daily life.

I’m currently doing an online course on photography and I’m curious about the best way to take notes.
The course is broken up into Units and then sections within the unit. For example I’ve just started Unit 3.1 and there are 24 pages of content.

The two ways of taking notes I’m thinking are, 1 note for the entire section (eg. 3.1) or 1 note for each page, so for Unit 3 Model 1 I would have 24 notes for each page.

I’m thinking 1 note per page is probably the best way as it breaks down each page a single concept making it as atomic as possible. Then work out a way to group/link them all together

I’m curious to hear what others opinions are?

@AstroNerd, I put entire books in one note. It makes it easier to link my thoughts to a single note. When searching, it’s nice to have all those notes in one note as well. My first try at Zettlekasten tricked me into thinking all the notes should be mine but then I was going between applications. With as many articles and notes as possible put in Obsidian, I can search and pull together great research quickly to make my own notes and they are connected back to their source within Obsidian. If you make your books and articles easy to identify, you can include or exclude them in searches to find exactly what you want.

Thanks for your insight @allanelder.
I went and had a look at the course I’m currently doing (Photography) and I think in my case a single note per unit module might be a good way to start.
For example, I’m on Unit 3 “Harnessing the light” Section 1 “Natural Light”, so I think a single not for section “3.1 Natural Light” might be a good way to begin.

I’ve only just started the process so I’m starting to think that I just need to start taking notes and not worry about finding the ‘right system’ before I’ve even started creating Knowledge

I agree @AstroNerd. You can always splice them later.