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Creating New Note in highlighted Folder doesn’t result in the note being created in that folder on the iPad Pro. Note is created in the ‘Root” Obsidian folder.

This likely isn’t a [technical] bug but in case: check in Settings (cog icon in left-hand panel), go to “Files & Links”, and see what you have configured for “Default location for new notes”. The default is “Vault folder” rather than “Same folder as current file”.

However… I think devs should think about the confusion mobile is introducing as opposed to desktop version: As a user, I would expect that if I select a folder (and it is visibly shown as selected, which doesn’t happen on desktop) then tapping the new file icon would create the note within the selected folder.


Seems to be working correctly now with v0.13.1 (1). Although the different accent ‘color’ for the selected Folder could be a little darker to differentiate which Folder is actually selected.

Hmmm I just tried and doesn’t create note in a selected folder for me. If you have that setting “Same folder as current file” and a note open, I’d assume it creates where open note is; maybe that is what you see?

No, I have “Folder Specified Below”, which is my main Vault folder. Then I 1st select the Folder heading, then select the Create Note gif in (left) toolbar and a blank note is created in that Folder.

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