Creating Links like in Obsidian Help

I would like to create links like in the “Import Notes” note on Obsidian Help.

I’m interested in creating links similar to those in the “Import Notes” section of Obsidian Help. I’m intrigued by both the links that include icons and those without. Has anyone had experience with this? Would I need to set this up using CSS classes? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You can find the source for the help docs here.

And I don’t know, but I suspect that the links are formatted with CSS. You can see the span classes in the code. The text seems pretty straightforward. So you could inspect the CSS code to find how they did that styling.

Maybe someone has a clearer answer.


Alternatively, Minimal lets us do that without manually coding CSS, although the Obsidian Help site seems not to be using Minimal. Just add cards to the cssclasses property of your note.

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I’m currently using the Minimal Theme. With the Github link you shared, I was able to find the CSS classes in the publish.css. Thank you.

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