Creating internal links with Title Capitalisation?

Hello there, I’m 1 day new to Obsidian but love it already. Looking forward to using it next semester.
I was wondering how to create internal links that always result in a file with Title Capitalisation?

Eg, if I wrote:

[[Cardiac arrest]] is something dangerous… don’t get [[cardiac arrest]]

But if I click the first link, it creates the file “Cardiac arrest” whereas the second link creates “cardiac arrest”. Is it possible for the default file to be capitalised like “Cardiac Arrest”? or maybe even “CARDIAC ARREST”.

I’ve got no CSS knowledge, perhaps this is easily doable with a CSS snippet?

It may be a bit of a trivial thing but will really help me :slight_smile:

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Try aliases when linking:

[[Cardiac Arrest|Cardiac arrest]] is something dangerous… don’t get [[Cardiac Arrest|cardiac arrest]]


Thanks so much!

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