Creating an updating page for Definitions picked from definitions added from different books

Things I have tried

I would like to have a singular page which consists of definitions I have added from individual books.

My steps are: Document noteworthy content & passages from each book including inspiration, quotes, and terms used > define the terms using the standard markdown and then add a backlink to [[ Quotes ]].

What I’m trying to do

What’s happening now is that on clicking Quotes, it takes me to that page and mentions where each quote is being derived from, but what I’m rather hoping to understand is how I can populate all the quotes from different books in one page “Quotes”?

On clicking the Quotes page, it does show me the quotes in a teeny-tiny non-fancy way of all the Linked Mentions but that too, only works while I am on Editing Mode.

On the Quotes page you could embed a search for links to the page:


Thank you @CawlinTeffid This was so easy to modify. Thanks for the help. Now I can adapt the same syntax for custom pages such as definitions etc!

Just FYI

if you try the plugin obsidian-query-control, the query result can be rendered, that will be much easier to read.


Embedded searches are already rendered in Live Preview. But that plugin solves an issue I was just thinking about last night, so thank you!

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