Creating a Table of contents

Is there a way to select a bunch of notes and create a table of contents into one new note?

What I am trying to do is put a book I’m reading into a folder for the book, then when I’m done just select all the notes and create Table of contents note for the book, then just put all the notes out of the folder into my general cards box. So I can have a note for each book I read with all the related notes linked to it.


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I thought there were folder note plugins that can also show headings, but i didnt find any. creating a folder note (folder note, filetree, waypoint) is at least a start. a workaroud would be to split your book note and just embed/transclude all other notes in it. You can do that with a plugin (text transporter, carry forward, note refactor). in that case id recommend sommething like this:

Book 1

Heading 1

![[Link 1]]

Heading 2

![[Link 2]]

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