Creating a searchable resource library from thousands of books

Hello and thanks in advance for any help. I am new to obsidian but I see it as a valuable avenue for creating a huge resource library. I don’t know what tools or thinks to think about beforehand.
I hace over 15,000 documents, articles and encyclopedias, dictionaries and books with which I would love to turn into a resource library. I would like to link topics to exact pages and keep notes as I study. Any help or plug in suggestions would be immensely appreciated. Thank you all for your help and knowledge.

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

Zotero and Obsidian are a good combination, especially if you are willing to pay for hosting large quantities of books. With the Zutilo plugin in Zotero, you can link to the page in your book and if you have highlights, you can directly link to those.

Otherwise just make your own Wikipedia in Obsidian and when ready, you publish it.
Not sure (need to find out myself) how to be able to share with the public one’s Zotero links.

In Zotero, you can index your books but I use DocFetcher on Linux and Windows for the job.
In Obsidian, searchability is self-explanatory.

Thanks so much. So do you think I would need to pay for hosting to do this effectively? If I’m not I could probably scale my selection down or create multiple libraries based on themes. Not sure how much space I have for free on here. Thanks

Do you think I could host my documents on a portable drive sone how? I just saw my free limit is 10G I have over 400gigs just in booksz thanks

Oh, I would not put my PDFs into my Obsidian vault.
There is no need.
There is no need to host the books in Zotero’s cloud either. You can use your external drive’s storage and even link to Zotero.
I suggest you do some searching on Obsidian forum and Zotero forum.

Wow! Thanks so much. I think my idea is more than possible to do with obsidian but I wasn’t sure positively now I am. I appreciate your help thanks a million

All right, man.
Watch some videos on YouTube on the subject while you’re at it.
Happy researching

In order to bulk import into Zotero, install this add-on (works with Zotero 6, not sure about 7 beta):

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