Creating a real life garden journal


I’m new to obsidian and markdown in general, i was looking for a software to use as a journal for my garden. Started making my garden journal vault using periodic notes and daily notes to log every event in the garden as planting seeds, transplanting, watering, harvest and so on. And i would like to store variables like how much water i give or how much plant feed i give, temperature and so on so i can later maker charts and graphs to pick out trends.

Anyone got any tips or can point me in the right direction as to where i can store these variables? i was thinking of storing them in YAML frontmatter using ‘water::’ or give values to nessted tags like ‘#flowerpot2/water:’. Not the prettiest way to go about it. I would love ALL feedback!!

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You can use YAML in the front matter or DataView syntax in the body. The nested tag won’t help.

Note that YAML only uses 1 colon. The example you gave is in DataView syntax, which uses 2.

I know there’s at least 1 plugin that does charts and/or graphs — search the community plugins using the appropriate terms. It/they might depend on the DataView plugin, which you’ll probably want to look at too.

Thanks! Dataview was the answer, using inline fields in the document body to store data and all kinds of ways to present my data. Can’t wait to dive into this rabbit hole. I saw the chart view plugin supported Dataview. But for now, I’ll use my time learning Dataview and setup my vault with templates, daily notes, a gallery, and a dashboard with an overview of my different plant projects, watering schedule and tasks and a lot more I have not thought about yet but I guess will stand out as my vault grows.


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