Creating a plugin for highlighting title markers

I’m writing here as a last resort due to not finding any useful information on the web.
Basically I’m trying to write a plugin in VS code that highlights title markers in obsidian and displays that information on an ongoing basis in the bottom right corner.

I tried stack overflow and the many weird javascript highlighting options they have there but unsuccessfully.

And on a side note I’ve tried to open the console in obsidian with absolutely no success. I’ve seen CTRL+SHIFT+I everywhere but the only thing that command does successfully is make my AMD software do screenshots. If anybody can enlighten me on this issue would be lovely.

What I’m trying to do

I guess you would have to disable or change that AMD hotkey if it is interfering. Unfortunately “Toggle Developer Tools” isn’t exposed as a command, so you can’t remap the hotkey in Obsidian. In MacOS it shows up as a menu item, but as I understand, there is no menu in Windows or Linux.

I can’t really imagine what you mean when you say “highlights title markers … displays in the bottom right corner”. I wonder if you could sketch what your idea would look like?

Is it sort of like a live table of contents? Because there is the core plugin “Outline” which shows a panel with all the hierarchical headers in your note as links.

(Sorry if I am misunderstanding.)

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