Creating a new unique notes INSIDE a template?

Things I have tried

Searching on Google, reddit, this forum

Sorry if this has been posted somewhere before. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with the customizability in Obsidian (after trying Notion).

I’ve created a weekly reviews Template for my Periodic Notes extension. I’ve named it “Weekly Review”.

Inside “Weekly Review” I have created a link to a page called [[working sheet]] (Where I’d like to make rough notes while reading my Daily Notes.

My weekly note gets created perfectly. The problem lies in [[working sheet]]. It just links me to the file I have in “templates” folder.
I don’t want to use the working sheet in the Templates folder. I want Obsidian to create a new file called “Working sheet”, in my Daily notes (& preferably name it in a similar format to my weekly review file)

Is there a way to do this? It would be nice if I could even create a unique note (that’ll get added to my Daily notes folder). I can then manually change the names & add the
Ofcourse, I could just put my “Working sheet” headers in the Weekly Review template itself, but that’s going to create one looong page

What I’m trying to do

If I understand you correctly, you should put something like this in your “weekly review” template:

[[working-sheet-{{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}|This week's working sheet]]

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You could use an absolute path, like this
[[/AnyFolder/working sheet-{{date}}]]

I tried it with a relative path, but that doesn’t work. (?)
[[…/AnyFolder/working sheet-{{date}}]]

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