Creating a live updating combined note

What I’m trying to do

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m writing an article for which I have several notes for the different chapters (e.g. introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusions). I would like to create a note with the whole text of the paper, which automatically updates when I modify the single-chapter notes.
It would be cool if it also would update the single chapters when I edited the combined note.

I am a newbie to dataview, but I have a hunch that it may have the solution to my problem.

Things I have tried

I tried looking into the help section but i’m new to obsidian and i probably miss the technical terms to find my problem. I also asked Bard for help, and it suggested I use dataview with a code like this:

WHERE file.path CONTAINS "" OR file.path CONTAINS "Methods" OR file.path CONTAINS "" OR file.path CONTAINS "" OR file.path CONTAINS "" 

This, however, doesn’t work. I am not familiar with the syntax of dataview, so I don’t know how to fix it. I am busy lately but I will try and get into it to become independent.

Any help or sources to figure out how to do it will be super appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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