Creating a dataview query with calendar output

I’m trying to create a Calendar output for a dataview query for my deadlines.
The YAML of the note is the following (between three - )

The query is (between three `)
CALENDAR deadline
FROM “test”

This is working. The problem is it I use
FROM “inbox/scadenze” (deadlines in Italian)

In this case no calendar is created and Dataview tell me that there are 0 results.

Can you help me, please? The dates are in dd-MM-yyyy format
Thanks in advance

EDIT: Seems that @lib has a better solution below.


I can only get your sample query to work if I change the date to YYYY-MM-DD as listed as a requirement in the Dataview help pages:

Query Types - Dataview

Additionally, the calendar query does not render if the given meta data field contains something else than a valid date.

Data Types - Dataview

Text that matches the ISO8601 notation will be automatically transformed into a date object. ISO8601 follows the format YYYY-MM[-DDTHH:mm:ss.nnn+ZZ]. Everything after the month is optional.

Does that work for you? :crossed_fingers:

Hey, you can try the following:

CALENDAR date(deadline, "dd-MM-yyyy")
FROM "inbox/scadenze"
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Thans a lot! This is working!
I’ve checked also the Dataview’s documentation but I haven’t found this explaination.

This is a rather new extension of Dataview, so it should be documented. But it’s maybe not very clear that the CALENDAR query seems to need a query returning just a date.

I’ve sometimes used LIST queries producing a pure list of dates, to verify the date returns to be used as a calendar query.

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