Creating a 'Conditional' template using templater

I interview companies for a living and am using obsidian (plus templater and dataview) to automate note-taking processes. I’m trying to figure out how to create a ‘conditional’ template in templater.

Here’s the example. Let’s say I need to interview Coke and Tesla each quarter. Moreover, let’s assume there are certain questions specific to each company that I need to ask.

Within Coke note I’d need to ask:

  • What is sales growth in USA ?
  • What is efficiency of bottling plants ?

For Tesla I would have distinct questions.

I have a quarterly notes template that I utilize which, by definition, does not contain company-specific questions. My goal is to be able to house those company-specific questions in a separate note, and insert a company-specific template into my generic quarterly note.

My thought is to create a separate sheet titled “Quarterly Questions by Company” which would contain headers for each company, each followed by the relevant questions for each company.

Then I might have a template called “Company Questions Template” that would pull data from “Quarterly Questions by Company”. I’m thinking it might be able to utilize YAML frontmatter of my quarterly Coke note [Entity: Coke] to import only the Coke questions.

Is this possible ? Thanks !!!

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