Create wikilinks to non existing notes from the value field of a property

Say I want to link a note to some related notes I have.
I make a “related” property (list property type) and just write the links with their square brackets, as usual.

Sometimes I want to do this to a non existing note, but obsidian doesn’t recognize it. I does, however, if I write the link in the main body of the note i’m in (as always), but not if I do it in the property.

For instance, I’m in my note “tomato” and I want to link it to “vegetables” and to “red”. “Vegetables” already exist in my vault, but “red” doesn´t.
I add a list property called “related” and in there I want to add the links [[vegetables]] and [[red]], but [[red]] in not recognized as a link.

Thanks for your time.

works for me. Moved to help.

A note with the following frontmatter:

Tags: f71077
- "[[Non-existing link]]"
- "[[2023-02-04]]"

produces this output in reading mode:

This is just as expected, so if it doesn’t work in your case, please show us your frontmatter from source mode.

Thanks to the source mode I’ve been able to identify what the problem was.

When I type [[link to non existing note]] in the property value field…


… what I see in source mode is "[[link to non existing note]] "


Note the space between the last ] and ". Thats the reason it didn’t work.

So, back in normal editing view, not in source mode, when I type the [[link to non existing note]], I can’t hit the space bar. I have to click away.

If I want to add another link after the link to the non existing note, I have to click away off the field first, which creates friction IMO.


Thanks for your help.

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