Create Vault "Alias"

Use case or problem

Using a source tree as a vault. Directory names (root of vault) are not always meaningful, so I would like to create an alias. Renaming won’t work, as it will break future ‘git pulls’ or anything else in the code building work flow.

Proposed solution

Allow for an alias (name of vault) outside the scope of the file name itself. Obsedian would have to track that of course, but it already has a list of recently viewed vaults, so I assume it has a way to add a property like an alias that would be used (if present) in the list of recent vaults.

Current workaround (optional)

Use a symbolic link outside of the git repository. For example, I keep a local copy of the Obsidian documentation using:

git clone

Then create a symbolic link to the language I want:

ln -s obsidian-docs/en ./Obsidian\ Documentation

Then open that new link as a vault in Obsidian.

While this works fine on OS’s and file systems that support sym-links, it would be nice to just have a setting for the vault that allowed naming without impacting the file structure.

Related feature requests (optional)