Create tabs or spaces at the position of your cursor

Steps to reproduce

I try to toggle off the use tabs option in the obsidian mobile for iPadOS. instead of create spaces.

Expected result

create more spaces. Normal behavior of tab button

Actual result

It keep indent the line when pressing the tab button


  • Operating system: IPADOS
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.5

Additional information


Hi anyone here?

The problem was use tabs option doesn’t work. I use iCloud to store the vault. in the iPadOS 15.1 the tab behavior will move all the line from the start even when toggle off.

In macos catalina , same vault, the tab button will create space only even toggle on.

It’s really annoying. Anyone know the problem? I did remove and reinstall the app. Didn’t work. Remove .obsidian config folder. Didn’t work too.

I can’t tell which way you want. You said “turn off tabs” and “instead of spaces”.

Can you please clarify: do you want tabs or spaces?

I tested this on Mac and iPad, and I can’t reproduce it. It works for me:

  • If I turn “Use tabs” on, tab will insert a tab character.
  • If I turn “Use tabs” off, tab will insert space characters.

Can you please test this in the Help Vault and see if it still happens? Maybe a plugin is interfering.

Thank you rigmarole for the reply. I think I did misunderstand the use of “turn off tabs” options.

My problem is:

I want tabs button to create tab character. However, in my Ipad, the tab button work like a shift-tab. It move all the line from the start. And it also changes the line into red color.

I had thought there is a hot key defined with the tab button but it doesn’t.

I have just update to newest version macOS and it happened to macOS too.

I use safe mode so no community plugins are installed

I uploaded a picture of this behavior. I really don’t know how to help reproduce this error cause seems it happen only to me.

I think I see what you mean now! Can you let me know if I understand you correctly?

You want to insert spaces (or tab character) where your cursor is positioned. But no matter where your cursor is positioned, it indents the entire line.


Yes, this happens to me too on MacOS.

I renamed your topic. If I misunderstood, please let me know!

Thank you for respond. Exactly this problem. I confirmed. The new name of topic is appropriate I think.

reviving this thread as I think its the same desired tab handling as a much more recent one:

No solution there yet either but I wanted to link the two and bump as I am having the same problem


The same problem appears here. Any solution would be helpful.

My workaround for this in MacOS was to use BTT (Better Touch Tool) to replace the TAB key with four spaces when I press it inside Obsidian (BTT is a great tool that I use in my daily workflow and I already had the license for it).

  1. Open the BTT Configuration
  2. Add Obsidian App by clicking in the plus sign that is in the bottom left corner
  3. Select ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ from the top dropdown
  4. Click on the plus sign at the bottom of the ‘Groups and Top Level Triggers’ section and set the TAB key to this trigger by selecting ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ in the trigger configuration (right side)
  5. Click on the plus sign at the ‘Actions Assigned to Selected Trigger’ section and select ‘Insert/Type/Paste custom Text’ as the action
  6. Write the four blank spaces in the ‘Insert/Type/Paste custom Text’ action configuration and save
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