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Hello community,

I try to mesh DVONthink with Obsidian. A common workflow of mine is to select files and DEVONthink, use a script to grab the item links of these files in markdown syntax, and then paste them into an Obsidian note. In effect, when I do this I create myself a reading list around an area of interest. (I title the note “X Reading List”). However, to start taking notes on these files, the steps afterward involve taking all of those markdown links, one-by-one, into individual notes while wiki linking to them in the original reading list note. What I’d like to achieve is to select a bunch of markdown links and:

  • a) Send them to individual notes (preferably that are templated with a specifiable location for the markdown links); and,
  • b) In place of the markdown links, leave wiki-links in their place.

Does anybody know of a plugin, script or more efficient workflow that I could adopt for this task of creating reading lists in Obsidian? :slightly_smiling_face:

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It looks like the core plug-in “Note Composer” supports both template files and leaving an internal (wiki)-link behind. I have not experimented with it much, but perhaps it will do what you need?
Another potential option might be the QuickAdd plugin, but I at least found that to take me quite a bit of time to learn how to use, so I would definitely vote for trying the “Note Composer” first!

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Thank you for the input, @scholarInTraining. :slight_smile: I’ve tried each of these methods and they work for individual links. I think I might have to wait or fund a plugin that executes this task in the way I want because both Note Composer and QuickAdd don’t provide a means to mass creates notes by recognising markdown links within your selection. But these were great suggestions!

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Another plugin that I have not used but have seen others recommend here on the forum is the “obsidian-42 text-transporter”. I do not know if it has the recognition capabilities that you need, though; that part seems potentially much harder than just repeating a procedure that works on one line/item in a file and applying it to other lines/items.

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