Create Note (with Templater) based on a currently open PDF file

What I’m trying to do

I use Obsidian beside the main idea of a PKM also as a DMS (as I used Notion / Evernote before). One drawback is: If I want to add meta data to an imported PDF I need to create a companion- note containing the PDF to include Meta-Data.
I have already a solution with templater to create the content of such file based on the name of the note (similar to the PDF name). eG.: 2024-02-28 - Invoice (Some Reason) - Company - 121,34 €.pdf <> 2024-02-28 - Invoice (Some Reason) - Company - 121,34 €.md

Is there a way to trigger a templater (or something else): if a PDF don’t has a markdown-file as its meta data container?

Things I have tried

  • I tried to run the Plugin templater script while having a file open - but it returns into an error because of “no active editor”
  • I tried the Plugin binary file manager (in combination with templater), but it is unable to handle my existing 20k+ PDFs I want to import

I’ve not tested this extensively, but I do know that you can trigger QuickAdd choices on any active file (without it being an active editor), so that might be an option to explore. From QuickAdd you can easily trigger the creation of new notes using Templater or other means.

It do require a little coding, though, truth be told. :slight_smile:

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Thats a good point - will try.