Create Note Inside a Folder

Hello, Outstanding software.
I may be asking something in the wrong category and it may have been addressed already, here goes anyway - sorry :slight_smile:

I am using obsidian as part of a Personal Data Management system and one thing noticed was when I attempt to create a note inside a folder the note is created at the bottom of the root list. Can I create a note inside a folder?
Also, when I create a link in a note could I define where that page is created?

Again, Thanks for a great piece of software, cant wait for the mobile version.

Right click on folder - New Note

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You can also control where the new notes for links are created in Settings -> File -> New Note Default Location



Yea, I saw that, however I would like to control where a link creates a note for instance I have a folder called references and in the notes contained within that folder I want all links to reside inside that folder.
All other notes likewise where they are created in the folder that the original note resides.

Thanks anyway.


Does the second option in the dropdown work for you, i.e. “same folder as the file is in”?


I did not see that, Thanks a million!!

I need to spend a day and look at all of the settings with the available options.

Thanks again.


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Hi, I recommend rewording this to “Same folder as current file is in” so people don’t get confused by thinking “the file” means “the file I am creating”.