Create note based on changing ![[file]]

Things I have tried

Watched some videos and searched for some obsidian plugins

What I’m trying to do

I want a plug in, I think.

If I have a file with

Hi there

and the file a contains “Joe” and the file b contains “Harry”, then I want Obsidian to display the file as though it were

Hi there

This is different from the current syntax, because there is extra “stuff” around the file which is included using the usual


Not entirely what you want as the heading would also be shown, but you can do this:
(note that this example is in the same note, but A and B doesn’t have to be in the same note as the example)


# A


# B


# Example:

![[Obsidian Vault/Test#A]]
Hi there
![[Obsidian Vault/Test#B]]

My current thought about a workaround is writing a small ruby program. Also looking at pandoc plugins.

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